Universe, verbal model

the whole universe, absolute wholeness of everything


The space of the universe is a space with all existing space and there is no exterior, no outside. The redshift of the far galaxies proves that the universe has such a space, (probably 4D). Its size can be counted of the redshift (In 4D the Hubble law means not expansion, but it gives us the size of the 4D ball- like entity; in 3D Hubble law means expansion, but the universe is not 3D).


The time of the universe is an eternal time, unknown, incomprehensible eternal time. The ordinary passing time is only on moving objects in space, and the universe is not a particle, and not a moving particle. The universe is a totally own, peculiar entity. There is only one universe.


The matter of universe is galaxies and quasars and all forces and radiations. Time, space, and matter are always relative to each other. None of them exist on their own, independently of each other. GR has proven this. Galaxies are the Steady State of the universe. Galaxies in groups and chains. Regularly here and there, there is bounces to black holes and eventually explosions. They become an echo of the universe, background radiation. If there has not been an explosion nearby recently, the noise is quite steady. Background radiation is the proof of the Steady State of the explosions in the universe: galaxies and explosions.


All together: There is only one universe. And it is like stated here. Many local universes.


Local universes need a different model. We mostly see the galaxies of our local universe, so experimentally we have observations mainly of it. Local universe is all the galaxies that have the same beginning as the Milky Way. So, we also need the model of our local universe. There is the GR sufficient, as the Newtonian space is mostly sufficient with the solar system. We have already the model for local universe. It is GR. But when the model of the whole is more general, it suits with the local universe too.